Learning Hindi in Delhi: Interview with an International Student

Posted by Peter Beyes • Monday, May 27. 2013 • Category: People and Places
For the last two years Adele has been studying Arts and Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, taking one-on-one Hindi lessons with Language Must simultaneously. In an energetic interview Adele talks more about her decision to study in India, the importance of learning Hindi when living in Delhi and her experiences with Language Must.

Even if one's heart beats for Delhi, everyone needs a respite from the city from time to time: Adele in Nainital. (c) Adele Newman

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Choosing a City for Studying in China

Posted by Leonie Zimmermann • Thursday, May 10. 2012 • Category: Global Career

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Studying in China: Tips and Experiences

Posted by Leonie Zimmermann • Thursday, February 2. 2012 • Category: Arts and Beyond
You are thinking about going abroad, studying away from home for a few semesters? You are considering China among your choices? You want to know more about your chances and opportunities in China, which problems and difficulties you will have to deal with? China is the place to be. China makes a great place to study. In the past few years the country has done well in improving the study conditions for foreigners, while the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) offers more and more scholarships to students from abroad. Therefore the number of foreign students studying at Chinese universities has risen dramatically. But what is it that draws the interest of more than 250,000 foreign students annually to China?

Foreign students taking Chinese classes
(c) by Knowledge Must

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Learn Hindi in Delhi, India

Posted by Heiko Pfeiffer • Monday, November 28. 2011 • Category: Global Career

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From India to Britain - A Year in Durham

Posted by Anne Rhebergen • Friday, April 1. 2011 • Category: Global Career
When I arrived in India from the Netherlands for my internship it was Bipin who answered any question I had about Indian culture. For me, someone who has never been in India before, it was really nice to have someone who, as Indian, knows the Indian culture perfectly to help me explain things. Another reason why he knew so well how to help me was because he himself is also experienced in going abroad. So he knew exactly how you feel when you take the leap to study in a completely different culture. Since I was already curious about his experience in the UK I thought now would be the perfect time to interview him and share his experiences with you as well.

by alh1

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Yoga: A Way of Empowering Yourself

Posted by Heiko Pfeiffer • Wednesday, January 19. 2011 • Category: Arts and Beyond
When I started yoga, I saw it as something physical, an elaborate set of postures, bends, and stretches. Most of them I found difficult if not impossible to attain. Yoga clearly seemed to be a lot about fitness, something that was also in vogue. The pictures of extremely fit, flexible women and men, effortlessly smiling while performing some complicated posture, had an intimidating effect on me. I had always been playing sports and generally liked to move around a lot, but that didn't include doing more delicate things with my own body. Yoga, I assumed, was not for people like me.

By lululemon athletica

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Komm und Lerne Deutsch - German Language Gets You Ahead

Posted by Flora Saint-Sans • Tuesday, November 2. 2010 • Category: Global Career
Ever thought about picking up a new language but not too sure about which language to learn? German could be the right choice for you, whatever your background or your plans in life. There are numerous arguments that speak for learning German language, especially if you already know how to use English. What makes it difficult for many language learners to successfully learn a new language is the initial effort needed to build up a solid basis of vocabulary and grammatical understanding. English and German both being Indo-Germanic languages and having lots of interaction throughout history, you will be surprised at the many similarities you will be able to detect between the languages.

German Cathedral in Winter
by Vvillamon

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Guide Book: Study in India

Posted by Daniel Ratheiser • Wednesday, September 1. 2010 • Category: Global Career
We are happy to announce the publication of our new guidebook ‘Study in India - A Guide by Knowledge Must’, which is available for free download from our website at www.knowledge-must.com/guidebooks. We made it a point to cover all important aspects of studying as a foreigner in India. Life for international students will be so much easier once they figured out the logistical requirements and the Indian cultural environment. In addition to answering the most pressing questions, the guide features valuable insights ranging from logistics such as visa procedures and accommodation arrangements to cultural background information and inspiration for how to spend one's leisure time.

After the success of the guidebooks 'Internships in India' and 'Volunteer in India', this is the third of a series of guides that we publish to help students, graduates, and professionals realise their international ambitions and make their life easier. Next will follow a guide about 'Work in India', which is currently under production.

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Hindustani Language - The Key to Immersion in Indian Culture

Posted by Peter Braun • Sunday, April 4. 2010 • Category: Crossing Cultures
Since 2002 Shammi Kapoor (age 33) is working as a Hindustani language teacher in New Delhi. Besides being a brilliant trainer, he is a fantastic communicator, who loves sharing his cultural knowledge with his students and wants to get them in touch with the local people. He talked to us about his passion to teach, the importance to study the local language and his experiences working with language students from all over the world. If you ever thought about learning Hindustani / Hindi / Urdu, Shammis point of view will surely be an interesting read for you.

© Knowledge Must 2010

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