Culture Must presents: Sound Tamasha

Posted by Stefan Heil • Monday, July 12. 2010 • Category: Arts and Beyond
Today we would like to introduce you to a project which a dedicated team from our division Culture Must has started almost two years ago: the Sound Tamasha. Some might have heard about it, some might have even been to an actual performance, but what exactly is Sound Tamasha? To find out, please visit the brand new Sound Tamasha Website, listen to all the former Sound Tamasha artists and have a look at the extravagant artwork Sound Tamasha is famous for. Enjoy!

Copyright © Enrico Fabian

Interview: Bond Talks about Graffiti in India

Posted by Daniel Ratheiser • Sunday, June 6. 2010 • Category: Arts and Beyond
If you have been to Ladakh lately, or to some of the rather hidden parts of Delhi, chances are you all of a sudden found yourself staring at a – at least for India – still very unusual sight: graffiti. And by graffiti we mean not just some tags or bombings, but instead most detailed, multi-coloured 3D fonts and graphics that inevitably make you think: what is this and how the hell did it get there in the first place???

It is as much the skilled design itself as it is the location and how the art is embedded into the surrounding environment, what makes these pieces so special to both the layman’s and the professional’s eye. ‘Bond’ - the man responsible for these artworks - has graciously agreed to answer some of our questions…

New Delhi, India / © by Bond

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Namaste Deutschland - Studying in Germany

Posted by Nishtha Prakash • Tuesday, March 9. 2010 • Category: Global Career
When at first, the thought of exploring and learning at and from a new country occurred to me, just like many other young Indian students and professionals, I thought about USA, UK and Australia. These are two destinations where Indians like to go to work and study. Getting into these cultures is easier as compared to cultures in Europe because language barrier does not exist. However, when I decided to move to a new land, I was not only looking at a good educational opportunity but also an intense living and traveling experience that would give me new perspectives and perhaps even change them.

Picture Courtesy of:

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Playing "Fasenacht" – Carnival in Germany

Posted by Christian Emmerich • Tuesday, March 9. 2010 • Category: People and Places
“Fasenacht” is one of the many local German expressions for carnival which, depending on the region, have developed more or less from climatic, historical and religious origins. You can find this period of celebrations in almost every Christian culture. However, there exist comparable festivals in other cultures as well, such as Holi, Dol Yatra or Kamadhana in India. Generally speaking, they are all about celebrating the end of winter and trying to disperse the bad spirits, for example, with colourful costumes or masks. But today these celebrations aren’t reduced to the locals alone. Many have turned into multicultural events in which everyone can participate.

The Celtic-Alemannic Carnival in South-West Germany

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