Learning Hindi in Delhi: Interview with an International Student

Posted by Peter Beyes • Monday, May 27. 2013 • Category: People and Places
For the last two years Adele has been studying Arts and Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, taking one-on-one Hindi lessons with Language Must simultaneously. In an energetic interview Adele talks more about her decision to study in India, the importance of learning Hindi when living in Delhi and her experiences with Language Must.

Even if one's heart beats for Delhi, everyone needs a respite from the city from time to time: Adele in Nainital. (c) Adele Newman

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Learning Hindi in Delhi: Interview with an Intercultural Trainer

Posted by Peter Beyes • Friday, February 15. 2013 • Category: Crossing Cultures
Keya Choudhury is a Berlin-based intercultural trainer: She helps individuals and organisations prepare to work in different cultural environments than their own. Taking some time off from her current assignment in Bangalore, Keya recently came to Delhi for a short holiday. Being highly energetic and proactive, sight-seeing and meeting friends proved not fulfilling enough, so she enrolled in a week-long intensive Hindi course with Language Must. In this refreshingly lively interview, Keya shares some of her experiences learning Hindi, living in India and navigating different cultures.

Keya Choudhury, Berlin-based intercultural trainer and Hindi student with Language Must. (c) Keya Choudhury

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Learn Hindi in Delhi, India

Posted by Heiko Pfeiffer • Monday, November 28. 2011 • Category: Global Career

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Across Cultures: An Interview with the Interculturalist Hans Durrer

Posted by Anne Rhebergen • Monday, May 2. 2011 • Category: Crossing Cultures
Lately Knowledge Must had the opportunity to interview the distinguished Swiss interculturalist Hans Durrer, author of articles and books, teacher and coach, theoretician as well as practitioner. His pioneering works on intercultural and visual communication offer a very innovative approach to the study of culture. One particular field of interest for him is photography. According to Durrer photographs are nothing else than shattered fragments of the broken mirror of reality, which force the viewer to reconstruct their meaning. Depending on the upbringing, interests, and also the mood of the viewer, the photographs’ meaning will be read very differently.

(c) by Blazenka Kostolna

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Communication on Walls – Political Graffiti Emerges in New Delhi

Posted by Nikolai Schuchna • Monday, November 8. 2010 • Category: In Depth
While rushing through urban areas of today, you can see millions of attention dragging commercials everywhere you look. If you keep your eyes open more carefully you’ll also find lots of artistic expressions of thoughts and wishes using public walls as communication platforms; expressions created by individuals that are reflecting diverse opinions, which might not necessarily be shared by the whole of society and often not occur in the mass media. In Delhi these days you can see graffiti, stencils and stickers with a clearly political message – on flyovers, bus-stands, street-signs and auto-rickshaws.

Corporate Wealth Games
by nocwg2010

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Komm und Lerne Deutsch - German Language Gets You Ahead

Posted by Flora Saint-Sans • Tuesday, November 2. 2010 • Category: Global Career
Ever thought about picking up a new language but not too sure about which language to learn? German could be the right choice for you, whatever your background or your plans in life. There are numerous arguments that speak for learning German language, especially if you already know how to use English. What makes it difficult for many language learners to successfully learn a new language is the initial effort needed to build up a solid basis of vocabulary and grammatical understanding. English and German both being Indo-Germanic languages and having lots of interaction throughout history, you will be surprised at the many similarities you will be able to detect between the languages.

German Cathedral in Winter
by Vvillamon

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Immersed: What’s Going On?

Posted by Benjamin R. Weiss • Monday, April 19. 2010 • Category: Crossing Cultures
An alto saxophone squeals, then quickly fades away. Soft strums on a guitar creep in, backed by gentle taps on a snare drum. I can’t help but bob my head. And then a mellow voice croons: “What’s going on? Oh, what’s going on?”

Marvin Gaye’s provocative query has wracked my brain since the moment I left home and set down roots in this unfamiliar land.

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