About Knowledge Must

Knowledge MustThank you for your interest in our intercultural solutions. From our locations in India and China we assist students, professionals, and organisations to successfully cross cultural boundaries. Each of our five divisions specialises in a specific challenge you might face when moving from one culture to another. With our Integrated Solutions we combine all our services to create customised packages to fit your individual requirements. From study, internship, volunteer and work experiences to language immersion, intercultural trainings, and individualised travel arrangements, we fully equip you to make the most out of the diversity of Indian and Chinese cultures.

About Our Divisions

Career Must assists you to build an international career and provides your organisation with the best in intercultural HR solutions. We help to bring the right people together.
Unlock Your Potential!

Language Must offers the best in language teaching, whether you want to study Hindi or Chinese. We provide you with the most effective way to communicate with people from other cultures.
Express Yourself!

Training Must conducts intercultural trainings that are practice-oriented and tailored to each specific cultural challenge. We instil in you the ability to effectively cross cultural boundaries.
Develop Your Skills!

Travel Must delivers the most outstanding intercultural travel experiences. We individualise your experiences to suit your individual requirements.
Broaden Your Horizons!

Culture Must makes you experience the arts and beyond. We will share with you the best that human creativity and intellect has brought about.
Embrace Diversity!

About Our Integrated Solutions

Combining the expertise of our five divisions Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must, and Culture Must into Integrated Solutions, we deliver truly comprehensive services for you to experience a new professional and private environment. Leveraging HR solutions, professional experience, language and cultural training, travel, and intercultural events, our Integrated Solutions provide the most effective way to your cultural fluency.

About Our Social Responsibility

We are a for-profit company with social objectives. We apply our effective solutions for fostering intercultural understanding among individuals, organisations, communities, and countries. At Knowledge Must we understand that embracing diverse ideas, creating diverse opportunities, and developing diverse partnerships will positively impact the communities that we engage. And in order to stay affordable to you and to live up to our philosophy to promote genuine cultural exchange, we are committed to keeping the fees of our Cultural Immersion Solutions as low as possible. Get in touch with us now!
Posted by Stefan Heil • 2011-11-30