Job Opportunities for Foreigners in China

Posted by Daniel Ratheiser • Friday, March 9. 2012 • Category: In Depth

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Among the rapidly developing industries offering opportunities to foreigners who are looking for employment in China are:

• Architecture, construction, engineering, and real estate: China’s building boom offers a huge range of options, including in infrastructure projects, residential as well as non-residential buildings, and urban planning.

• Arts and beyond: Musicians, dancers, painters, performers, practicing virtually any art could give you an employment opportunity in the country.

• Business services and consulting: Market entry consulting, management consulting, as well as tax and legal services offer many employment opportunities to skilled foreign staff.

• Education and intercultural services: Teaching, professional translation, and interpreting services are among the options in the rapidly developing education and intercultural sector.

• Energy: Renewable energies are growing at very rapid pace and China already today is counted among the leaders in the wind and solar power industries.

• Financial services and insurance industry: There are work opportunities, for example, for accountants, business analysts, claims managers, sales managers, and tax managers.

• Healthcare products and services: Pharmacists, biotechnologists, and skilled medical staff are highly sought after in the Chinese marketplace.

• Hospitality and tourism: Job positions in restaurants, hotels, catering providers, and tour operators are some of the many opportunities for foreigners in hospitality and tourism.

• Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry: Like most countries, also China is experiencing a shortage of qualified information technology specialists, including in the ICT services industry.

• International trade, sourcing, and logistics: China is an export powerhouse and thus offers many choices for foreign staff in trade, sourcing, and logistics.

• Knowledge-based industries: The Chinese economy is in need of a highly skilled workforce to enable them to develop their knowledge-based industries.

• Manufacturing: Being the “factory of the world” China’s manufacturing industry provides huge opportunities in many industries and functions, e.g. planning, engineering, sales, and services.

English teaching is by far still the most popular job for foreigners in China, but opportunities increasingly diversify
by Jingles the Pirate

Much sought after functions that foreign workers can satisfy in China:

• Business development, especially developing international business

• Cultural interface function in virtually all industries

• Language experts for a wide range of languages and in many functions

• Management, especially foreign-trained mid-level to senior managers conversant in Chinese

• Marketing, in creative as well as executing functions

• Technical, skill-based functions

An ever increasing amount of Chinese companies are eager to enter foreign markets and are searching for foreign employees with good market insights that can help them in their endeavours. Just to cite one example, Chinese software developers would like to adapt their products to overseas markets and increase sales abroad. There are countless other opportunities like this that promise to be challenging and interesting experiences for you.

What is more, China already today ranks among the nations spending the most resources on Research and Development anywhere in the world. Researchers, academics, post-graduates, and skilled professionals find many employment opportunities. Over recent years, the Chinese government has increased its funding of Research and Development programs, and areas that receive attention and support by the authorities offer excellent conditions for pursuing research projects.

China also offers considerable scope for travellers looking for work. Teaching English can be particularly lucrative, and there are opportunities for acting, modelling work, editing, freelance writing, and IT work. Even though you will be offered these kinds of jobs even while being on a tourist visa, please be aware that this is technically not legal and that the Chinese authorities are increasingly clamping down on these illegal practices.


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