India Summer Programme 2013: Studies in Indian Language, Culture and Society

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Knowledge Must organises its summer programme Summer in India 2013 from 14th July till 10th August in Delhi. The programme consists of an exciting mix of Hindi language classes, academic seminars, skills training sessions, Delhi tours and weekend excursions.

India holds a very special place in our globalising world. It is not only home to every sixth human being on the planet, it is also the most culturally diverse country in the world. From high-tech industries in the megacities to remote jungle villages seemingly untouched by time, India encompasses both the dynamic forces of globalisation and the deep-rooted traditions of one of the world's most ancient cultures. Due to all this diversity, India is difficult to grasp.

Taj Mahal, Agra

Summer in India will enable you to immerse yourself in this fascinating culture with its very hands-on and diverse programme. Next to a programme of seminars and language trainings from Monday to Fridays, there are skills trainings and field trips as well as overnight excursions on the weekends and a possible extension of two weeks to six months to pursue your own individual project.

Detailed Programme overview:

The programme will give you space to meet and interact with people from all walks of life, from the international businessman to the dedicated grassroots volunteer, from the atheistic scientist to the Muslim mullah, from cosmopolitan socialites to street children. You will be able to learn from all of their experiences and within no time you will find yourself successfully navigating the local cultural environment!

You can extend your programme and explore a topic of your own personal interest:

- Volunteer in a community or development project
- Do an internship in the area of work you are most interested in
- Do an academic research project with the support of expert local faculty

You will have the choice of staying with an Indian family, sharing a flat with other international students or staying in a bed and breakfast. Your local coordinator will assist you with all of your questions and queries throughout the programme.

Programme Summary:

- 20 Hindi (Hindustani) Language Trainings
- 4 Delhi Tours
- 8 Seminars
- 8 Skills Trainings
- 3 Overnight Weekend Excursions to amazing sites in India

Intensive Hindi Language Classes

Programme fee:
- 4 week programme: only 1898 Euros
- with customised extension: only 2198 Euros

Contact us now:
- +91-(0)11 2649 1817

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