Indian and Chinese Companies Benefit from Foreign Interns

Posted by Flora Saint-Sans • Thursday, February 7. 2013 • Category: Global Career
With an array of Indian and Chinese companies expanding their global footprint, the trend mainly started by technology firms to hire foreign interns has both deepened and extended to other industries. Companies ranging from hospitality, market research to airport development have an ever rising awareness of the benefits of hiring foreign interns. While many companies are vying for international interns to connect better with their target customers abroad, others are seeking graduates from leading business schools to develop international talent. Infosys in India and Huawei in China are just two of the many companies that are continuously hiring interns from countries as diverse as Mexico, South Africa, and Germany.

Shanghai is one of the main destinations for international interns

The increasing size, complexity, and geographical reach of organisations continually raise the bar for effective global performance. Most globally operating organisations look for access to high-quality staff with intercultural skills, but do not know where to recruit them. Internship programmes provide them the chance to choose and gradually develop young high potential staff at low cost. Many organisations are willing to offer potential candidates internships as a trial phase, but have concerns about managing their stay and the resulting problems that might ensue.

Some of the relevant factors:
· Companies that want to expand, recruiting foreign students as interns is a safe way of helping employees understand how other economies and cultures work.
· The monetary benefits are not perceived by the foreign interns to be the primary driver to consider internship opportunities with Indian and Chinese companies. Hence, there need not be a differentiated stipend structure for foreigners.
· Interns from overseas locations have a completely different perspective and they bring their own way of working. Thus making it a whole enriching experience for the whole organisation.
· The global and diverse talent base which is reflective of company’s global customer footprint.

Eliza from the USA on her internship with the Support Foundation in India

Career Must helps organisations locate these talented, culture-savvy students and graduates from around the globe, who look for internships to fill a great variety of roles. One of Career Must hospitality industry partners has to say “we have had a good bunch of youngsters from different countries through Career Must for our line of hospitality work. They have been sharp, keen learners and very enterprising”. Foreign interns of course also benefit from working in India and China as they get exposure to different markets and work cultures. "Doing my internship in China was a real eye opener and ultimately got me the job where I am now working in".


If your company or organisation is interested in hiring foreign interns and/or employees, just contact Career Must at : +91-(0)11-2469 1817 [India] / +86-(0)28-62023260 [China] or send an email to:

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