India Summer Programme 2013: Studies in Indian Language, Culture and Society

Posted by Heiko Pfeiffer • Monday, April 1. 2013 • Category: People and Places
Knowledge Must organises its summer programme Summer in India 2013 from 14th July till 10th August in Delhi. The programme consists of an exciting mix of Hindi language classes, academic seminars, skills training sessions, Delhi tours and weekend excursions.

India holds a very special place in our globalising world. It is not only home to every sixth human being on the planet, it is also the most culturally diverse country in the world. From high-tech industries in the megacities to remote jungle villages seemingly untouched by time, India encompasses both the dynamic forces of globalisation and the deep-rooted traditions of one of the world's most ancient cultures. Due to all this diversity, India is difficult to grasp.

Taj Mahal, Agra

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On the Streets of Quito: Working as a Volunteer in Ecuador

Posted by Clara Eckstein • Thursday, May 12. 2011 • Category: People and Places

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Backpack Your Life

Posted by Teresa Kasel • Thursday, March 24. 2011 • Category: People and Places
Backpacking is a way of travelling that attracts increasing attention amongst young people. Travelling itself has always been popular. But backpacking is different. The major purpose of backpacking is by far not the intention of simply going to another place. It is so much more than that. It is about the idea itself: The idea of travelling. Being on the go. Exploring the world. The destination plays only a minor part in the game. It’s all about that feeling you have when fitting your life in a backpack, leaving behind everything you’ve known, everything you’ve loved and valued so far – to find out what else is out there – what kind of world, life, opportunity, culture and people.

(c) Teresa Kasel

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Commonwealth Games 2010 – What is it about the Commonwealth?

Posted by Angélique Vassout • Thursday, June 24. 2010 • Category: In Depth
Nowadays, in India’s capital New Delhi everybody seems to be talking about the Commonwealth Games. New metro lines, construction of roads and flyovers, stadiums being renovated and many other buildings appearing out of nowhere, the whole of Delhi is changing under the impulsion of the Games. And that's only the beginning, as the Games start only in October. The vision of the Commonwealth Games is becoming increasingly visible all over Delhi – but what exactly is the Commonwealth?

The Commonwealth of Nations is an intergovernmental organisation of 54 member states on all the continents, bringing together about 30% of the world's population, which means around two billion people of diverse cultures and faiths.

Historical Map of the British Empire in 1897

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Guidebook: Volunteer in India

Posted by Daniel Ratheiser • Wednesday, May 26. 2010 • Category: Global Career
We are happy to announce the publication of our new guidebook ‘Volunteer in India - A Guide by Knowledge Must’, which is available for free download from our website at

We made it a point to cover all important aspects of working as a volunteer in India. Life for international volunteers will be so much easier once they figured out the logistical requirements and the Indian cultural environment. In addition to answering the most pressing questions, the guide features valuable insights ranging from logistics such as visa procedures and accommodation arrangements to cultural background information and inspiration for how to spend one's leisure time.

After the success of the guidebook 'Internships in India', this is the second of a series of guides that we publish to help students, graduates, and professionals realise their international ambitions and make their life easier. Next in line will be the guides 'Study in India' and 'Work in India', both of which are currently in production stage.

We make this guidebook available to you for your free individual, non-commercial usage.

Please DO share it with others!

© Knowledge Must

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