The Last Cup of Coffee – Hunting for Coffee in Delhi

Posted by Darya Dmytruk • Tuesday, November 22, 2011 • Category: Crossing Cultures
[This article is not for those who drink solely tea, or the ones who are certain that a cup of coffee can kill a horse.] When you live in Delhi, you bargain successfully every day with rickshaws on the way to your office and can barely breathe through your scarf in the compulsory traffic jams. Everything is fine until one day you realise, that the supply of “as if it was always there” coffee in your kitchen, that used to be the best moment of your morning, is over. And at this very moment you understand that your day cannot start right, that the sun set and this city had finally got a chance to catch you. If the caffeine-deficiency in your body is not that high and you can still think, you go to the nearest market and try to find something like your favourite Lavazza.

(c) by Darya Dmytruk

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Corporate Responsibility First Hand – An Internship with Organic India

Posted by Anna Niedermeier • Wednesday, May 11, 2011 • Category: Global Career
“Not the eye that is focused on the work piece, but the eye that scans the horizon at leisure will discover all new interconnections.” (Carl Friedrich Freiherr von Weizsäcker)

This quote aptly describes my basic motivation, which is why I am in India. I find myself in an orientation phase, and felt the desire to leave my daily life to look beyond the box. I want to give myself some time before I begin the next phase of life. A time to think about how I want to shape my future. A time when I want to find role models who inspire me. A time when I left my habits behind to learn new ones. Simply a time to broaden my horizon. For this purpose, it is fruitful to leave the familiar and immerse yourself in another culture. Exactly that was a secret dream of mine that had been growing within me for quite some years.

(c) by Anna Niedermeier

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