A Pioneer for Organic Food in New Delhi

Posted by Heiko Pfeiffer • Tuesday, December 6. 2011 • Category: People and Places
On a recent day when going to work to our office in South Delhi’s Shahpur Jat neighbourhood, I noticed, amidst sweets and street food vendors and recent fashion shops that have been mushrooming in the area, this cute little shop called “Dubdengreen”. Inside, unsurprisingly for this densely populated neighbourhood, the space is small enough, the decorations are minimal and the absence of shining and blinking advertisement on the shelves catches the eye. This looks more like a farm house shop, so you wouldn’t be surprised to find mooing cows and chattering chicken in the backyard. A quick look around is enough to confirm the impression: grains and millets are there, fresh vegetables next to fresh fruit and dairy products. This is indeed another shop for farm goods – so how is it different? Well, this one is all about organic.

(c) by Heiko Pfeiffer

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Corporate Responsibility First Hand – An Internship with Organic India

Posted by Anna Niedermeier • Wednesday, May 11. 2011 • Category: Global Career
“Not the eye that is focused on the work piece, but the eye that scans the horizon at leisure will discover all new interconnections.” (Carl Friedrich Freiherr von Weizsäcker)

This quote aptly describes my basic motivation, which is why I am in India. I find myself in an orientation phase, and felt the desire to leave my daily life to look beyond the box. I want to give myself some time before I begin the next phase of life. A time to think about how I want to shape my future. A time when I want to find role models who inspire me. A time when I left my habits behind to learn new ones. Simply a time to broaden my horizon. For this purpose, it is fruitful to leave the familiar and immerse yourself in another culture. Exactly that was a secret dream of mine that had been growing within me for quite some years.

(c) by Anna Niedermeier

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Open Sourcing India

Posted by Stefan Heil • Tuesday, September 28. 2010 • Category: In Depth
Most people have no concept of the term 'open source' in general, or the maybe more specific term “open source software” (OSS) in particular. Even a little bit more confusing, many people from the industry use the term “Free and Open Source Software” (FOSS), and that is also the one the author is using throughout this article. But in order to grasp the subject, let us first clarify it a little more:

Let us start from the beginning, with the word “free”. Although many people have an immediate idea of the meaning of this rather simple word, many do not see the double meaning here. Most commonly, this double meaning is explained by the “free as in free beer, but also free as in free speech” idiom.

India is going Open Source (Tux the penguin is the unofficial linux mascot)

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Innovations in the Indian Hospitality Industry

Posted by Daniel Ratheiser • Saturday, July 31. 2010 • Category: In Depth
Innovations in the Indian hospitality sector can be analysed on many different levels. This analysis makes the attempt to give a broad overview on innovations taking place in the industry according to various categories of hotels as well as relevant functions, concluding with a brief outlook on future directions these innovations might take.

India holds a special place in the international world of hospitality. Culturally the country might very well be the most diverse place in the world. It is a vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, magnificent historical sites and royal cities, misty mountain retreats, colourful people, rich cultures, and festivities. Luxurious and destitute, hot and cold, chaotic and tranquil, ancient and modern - India's extremes rarely fail to leave a lasting impression.

Hospitality is a long running tradition in India. From the majestic Himalayas and the stark deserts of Rajasthan, over beautiful beaches and lush tropical forests, to idyllic villages and bustling cities, India offers unique opportunities for every individual preference. However, until fairly recently this was hardly evident when looking at India's hospitality industry.

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