Indian Food for Foodies

Posted by Priyanka Kumari • Tuesday, September 25. 2012 • Category: Arts and Beyond
When thinking about food in my native country India, so many thoughts and memories cross my mind. A major chunk of our budget is invested on food which makes it the one of the largest sources for our GDP. The rich cultural diversity of India plays the vital role in the huge variety of food we can boast of. “Mumy bhook lagi hai” (Mom, I’m hungry) - Maggi’s advertisement which made a remarkable impact on the advertising world. I also can recall the Sunflower oil advertisement which showcased an Indian mom cooking Indian delicacies.

When we think about Indian food as Indians “ghar ka khana” (home-food) is the best for us. The reason being not only the quality spices used but also that it is hand cooked by our beloved mom and simply is the best!

The adjectives which come to my mind for Indian cuisine are yummy, delicious, delectable and scrumptious. There is Paneer Kadhai, Chicken Biryani, Pulao and Butter Chicken, Gajar ka Halwa, Imarti, or Gulab Jamun, puri and sabzi, dosas, uttapams and so many more. The list is endless and everybody will find so many options to choose from. The popularity of Indian dishes is growing with each passing day. It is because of the flavour and aroma of the spices used primarily.

Indian Thali
by SteveR-

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Studying in China: Tips and Experiences

Posted by Leonie Zimmermann • Thursday, February 2. 2012 • Category: Arts and Beyond
You are thinking about going abroad, studying away from home for a few semesters? You are considering China among your choices? You want to know more about your chances and opportunities in China, which problems and difficulties you will have to deal with? China is the place to be. China makes a great place to study. In the past few years the country has done well in improving the study conditions for foreigners, while the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) offers more and more scholarships to students from abroad. Therefore the number of foreign students studying at Chinese universities has risen dramatically. But what is it that draws the interest of more than 250,000 foreign students annually to China?

Foreign students taking Chinese classes
(c) by Knowledge Must

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Jogging in China – With Some Advice for Chengdu

Posted by Chen Fengchao • Thursday, December 15. 2011 • Category: Arts and Beyond

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Delhi Walla: An Interview with Mayank Austen Soofi

Posted by Laura Mansour • Thursday, September 1. 2011 • Category: Arts and Beyond

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Wushu Culture: An Interview with the Martial Artist Shaobo

Posted by Anne Rhebergen • Friday, April 8. 2011 • Category: Arts and Beyond
Knowledge Must had the chance to interview the China-born martial artist Shaobo Tang who is living in the Netherlands. Although not living in China any more he continues to cultivate many Chinese traditions, especially Wushu. Whenever he finds the time he goes back to China to train with the masters. Consciously moving between Dutch and Chinese cultures Shaobo is trying to make the most out of the two worlds.

By enanon

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Yoga: A Way of Empowering Yourself

Posted by Heiko Pfeiffer • Wednesday, January 19. 2011 • Category: Arts and Beyond
When I started yoga, I saw it as something physical, an elaborate set of postures, bends, and stretches. Most of them I found difficult if not impossible to attain. Yoga clearly seemed to be a lot about fitness, something that was also in vogue. The pictures of extremely fit, flexible women and men, effortlessly smiling while performing some complicated posture, had an intimidating effect on me. I had always been playing sports and generally liked to move around a lot, but that didn't include doing more delicate things with my own body. Yoga, I assumed, was not for people like me.

By lululemon athletica

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Bombay Boogie Night: Desi Beats Go Germany

Posted by Stefan Heil • Tuesday, October 19. 2010 • Category: Arts and Beyond
In Europe, with the exception of the UK, the popularity of Indian music (and especially clubbing on Indian music) is a very recent phenomenon. Nevertheless, even years before Bollywood and the music from the movies reached European mainstream pop culture, two young and talented Germans of Indian origin started an event series dedicated to Desi beats, which since grew bigger and bigger and is today by far the most successful and popular Indian music event series in Germany and known well beyond its borders – the Bombay Boogie Night (BBN). We had the chance to interview BBN’s Sherry Kizhukandayil (DJ Keralaboy) when BBN collaborated with Culture Must’s project “Sound Tamasha” for a gig in Berlin last September.
© Bombay Boogie Night

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DJ Sunny Singh: A True Legend amongst DJs in India

Posted by Peter Braun • Monday, August 16. 2010 • Category: Arts and Beyond
In my life I did many interviews. Sometimes with friends, people from public life or others who had a great story to tell. Today, after many years in India I got the confirmation that I would get the chance to talk to one my great idols in the Indian music industry – DJ Sunny Singh ( Despite being a true legend as a DJ in India, Sunny Singh is also the Guru of many other artists who followed his footsteps and by now rock the clubs from Delhi to Dubai to Singapore. In his own DJ school Sunny Singh has trained more than 750 young ambitioned talents and until today maintains a guru-gyan relationship with many of them. With shaking hands and a trembling voice I asked my questions to DJ Sunny Singh who has played a central role in spreading the popularity of Indian Disco Beats all over the world.

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Culture Must presents: Sound Tamasha

Posted by Stefan Heil • Monday, July 12. 2010 • Category: Arts and Beyond
Today we would like to introduce you to a project which a dedicated team from our division Culture Must has started almost two years ago: the Sound Tamasha. Some might have heard about it, some might have even been to an actual performance, but what exactly is Sound Tamasha? To find out, please visit the brand new Sound Tamasha Website, listen to all the former Sound Tamasha artists and have a look at the extravagant artwork Sound Tamasha is famous for. Enjoy!

Copyright © Enrico Fabian

Interview: Bond Talks about Graffiti in India

Posted by Daniel Ratheiser • Sunday, June 6. 2010 • Category: Arts and Beyond
If you have been to Ladakh lately, or to some of the rather hidden parts of Delhi, chances are you all of a sudden found yourself staring at a – at least for India – still very unusual sight: graffiti. And by graffiti we mean not just some tags or bombings, but instead most detailed, multi-coloured 3D fonts and graphics that inevitably make you think: what is this and how the hell did it get there in the first place???

It is as much the skilled design itself as it is the location and how the art is embedded into the surrounding environment, what makes these pieces so special to both the layman’s and the professional’s eye. ‘Bond’ - the man responsible for these artworks - has graciously agreed to answer some of our questions…

New Delhi, India / © by Bond

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Modern Japanese Art in Delhi: Life Is a Battle by Masahiro Fukuyama

Posted by Stefan Heil • Saturday, April 10. 2010 • Category: Arts and Beyond
In the last week of February 2010, the Mocha Arthouse in Delhi became witness to some of the most exciting art on display anywhere in the city, and not just a few visitors’ jaws were seen dropping due to the pictures hanging from the walls. So, you might ask yourself what could have caused such surprise in the faces of the visitors?

The answer to that is quite simple. The art on display – pictures of performances by Masahiro Fukuyama and a video installation by Yo Sato (who we will very soon introduce to this blog’s audience in one of the forthcoming articles) – is thought-provoking and leaves most people wondering if they have seen anything remotely similar before in their lives. And out of those people, most will surely answer with a straight "no" to that question...

Photo by: Federica Plamarin

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Interview: Intercultural Collaboration in the Indian Fashion Industry

Posted by Peter Braun • Tuesday, March 9. 2010 • Category: Arts and Beyond
"After exploring Milano and London, coming back to India made me feel that I know the place for the first time."

Norwegian photographer Roger J. Renberg ( and Indian fashion designer Ankur Gupta ( both based in New Delhi, compose their art in an own way. Working with each other, they put all their talents together and created a sum that is larger than the individual parts. We talked to them about intercultural collaborations in the fashion industry, the sources of their inspiration, and what it takes to reach professional fulfillment.

Garments by: Ankur Gupta / Photo by: Roger J. Renberg

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