Indian and Chinese Companies Benefit from Foreign Interns

Posted by Flora Saint-Sans • Thursday, February 7. 2013 • Category: Global Career
With an array of Indian and Chinese companies expanding their global footprint, the trend mainly started by technology firms to hire foreign interns has both deepened and extended to other industries. Companies ranging from hospitality, market research to airport development have an ever rising awareness of the benefits of hiring foreign interns. While many companies are vying for international interns to connect better with their target customers abroad, others are seeking graduates from leading business schools to develop international talent. Infosys in India and Huawei in China are just two of the many companies that are continuously hiring interns from countries as diverse as Mexico, South Africa, and Germany.

Shanghai is one of the main destinations for international interns

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Internships in India and China Will Give You an Edge

Posted by Flora Saint-Sans • Friday, October 14. 2011 • Category: Global Career
Why should I do an internship in India or China? Take a look around you. How many students in your school are doing internships in India or China? Not many, I suppose. This by itself is the first advantage of doing an internship there. If an employer has two identical candidates with everything else being the same except that one of them has done an interesting internship during his/her college years, who do you think the employer is going to prefer? Of course, the person with the outstanding internship!

"Chindia Flag": China and India are becoming increasingly attractive destinations for internships abroad

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