Things You Should Know Before Coming to India - Tips for Travellers

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2. Make sure you get all the recommended vaccinations before you enter India. Visit your doctor well in advance of your trip to India to find out what precautions you need to take. The medications and immunizations that are necessary will greatly depend on the regions you intend to visit (for example, some areas are particularly malaria prone, while others have very little risk of infection) and time of year (during and straight after the monsoon is the riskiest time for health problems). Carry around hand sanitizer and use it often.

Hari Mandir at Amritsar
(c) by Jasleen Kaur

3. Dress modestly at all times. On day-to-day basis, it’s best to cover up – avoid wearing shorts, skimpy tank tops, or short skirts/dresses. In many religious places, your head should be covered as a sign of respect. It’s best to pack only a small amount of clothes and plan to buy a few Indian items once you arrive. Indian clothes are much better suited to hot weather, so they’ll keep you cool while keeping you modest.

One of the countless beautiful beaches along Kerala's coast
(c) by wildxplorer

4. Drink bottled water at all times. It is available at almost all the small shops in India. Be careful with some of the street foods and stick to places that are heavily frequented.

Getting a feel for traffic in India
(c) by Dainis Matisons

5. Traffic laws are more like guidelines in India. Don’t be surprised if you see cows sitting in the middle of the road and dogs barking at you while walking on the road. Traffic can be anything – from buses and cars to rickshaws, bicycles, carts, horses, cows, elephants, and more. Seat belts are rare to find. So, carefully dodge traffic as you cross the street and always look ahead of you.

The serenity of Ladakh
(c) by Jochen Westermann

6. Hygiene can be a big concern for most travellers if they are not prepared. It’s rare to find bathrooms that would compare to Western sterilized standards. It’s normal to see large piles of garbage on the streets and the large cities have serious air pollution problems. Don’t expect to find toilet paper or Western-style toilets and showers everywhere you go…

View from a houseboat on Dal Lake in Kashmir
(c) by Panoramas

7. Keep a city map and travel guide with you at all times. It will assist you in finding places to stay, eat, shop, reliable doctors in times of emergency, transport options, and so on.


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