Jogging in China – With Some Advice for Chengdu

Posted by Chen Fengchao • Thursday, December 15, 2011 • Category: Arts and Beyond
How long have you been sitting in front of the computer screen before you glimpsed this article? Are your eyes already starting to pain? Come on, your body is calling you to break away from the screen and breath some fresh air outside! It is time to do some sports! If you are thinking now that you don’t have somebody to do sports with or are lacking equipment, think again. There is one excellent sport you can do without any equipment while at the same time being able to counterbalance your time in front of the computer effectively: jogging.

Taking a morning jog in China...
(c) by Gavin Anderson

Jogging is a very popular kind of sports in many countries around the world. As an exercise, it enhances your respiratory functions, makes your vital capacities increase and improves your blood circulation. It is an effective way in control of atherosclerosis and diseases of heart, head or blood vessels. With an increasing awareness towards health, people in China also have begun to pay more attention to this healthy sport.

In Chengdu, a famed “leisure city” in China, most people live a comfortable and colourful life full of relaxed activities, such as dancing, playing majiang, drinking tea, and so on. However, jogging is becoming an increasingly popular choice. It is not exclusively practiced by the younger generation, but also the old have jumped on the bandwagon. Either in the morning or at the sunset, you will easily find people jogging. Where are they? They are mostly to be found on the racetracks of schools and universities as well as in the parks around the city. Only the very brave try running in the streets.

For example, at Sichuan University’s campus you would get surprised that there are so many people coming here and jogging after work or studies every day. Many of these people are citizens nearby. With a lot of people doing the same thing, you can easily be motivated and stick to your losing-weight, building-muscle or just-keeping-healthy plans. It is also easily to make new friends as everybody already has a common hobby: jogging. Those colleges can be found easily as long as you search on the map of the city that you live in or browse the Internet.

Parks in China are another good choice. The beautiful scenery and clean air can bring you to good mood. The serenity there can also reduce your pressure a lot and relax you. In Chengdu parks such as Huanhuaxi Park, the Peoples’s Park, Guihu Park, and Wangjiang Park are recommended, some charge a small entrance fee while others are free. You can find the locations of parks in your city conveniently on city maps and the Internet, too. If possible opt for the larger parks as some of the smaller parks can get rather crowded in China.

Now, just put aside your work, put on your running shoes, go out and enjoy jogging!

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