Learning German to Study in Germany - A Didactic Story

Posted by Darya Dmytruk • Tuesday, December 27. 2011 • Category: Crossing Cultures

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I have always heard that German is a difficult language to learn and as most people, I did not like the idea of bringing another difficult challenge into my life. Surprisingly, in only two months I could begin to communicate with my friend. She had started to learn German earlier, and, in her linguistic drive, refused to talk to me in English. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to communicate, many other surprises were waiting for me. With my basic level I could finally watch Almodovar's "Volver" at the cinema. I was happy because finally I could understand, well more than after my attempt to watch it in Spanish.

Germans have the lovely feature of paying compliments about your German language skills - even if you are a beginner! I chose to believe them and continued with the belief that my German was at least much better than their Russian (another excuse not to learn a language).

Munich's historic city centre
(c) by ines saraiva

The situation with my poor German skills improved when it was high time to earn my living abroad. From this point I could really feel the result of my efforts from attending the classes. A wonderful confiserie in the tourist center of Munich was the best place to practice my German skills: communicating with old ladies with small dogs that wanted only first-class service. In three weeks I no longer had to ask customers to repeat their questions and moved on to the intermediate level.

My job at Oktoberfest also turned out to cause no linguistic problems. My German skills were fit enough to understand even the muttering of drunk people. At that time, seeing people on the metro with green and white bags with the University of Munich logo, I could only imagine how lucky, extraordinary and intelligent they were to be studying there. The thought of entering the university did not enter my mind and I continued to attend the courses to improve my German. Once again I found myself one step behind my friend. She was going to take the DaF exam (roughly B1 level), a German language test that would allow her to enter the university.

Part of the beautiful Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität campus in Munich
(c) by Depeche Mode wrong

Nevertheless, within little time I reached an advanced level in German and the happy day of admission to the German student world came. Now I am a student of one of the best universities in Germany, Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität in Munich, studying the subjects religious studies and anthropology. Sounds good, but behind the scenes, in contrast to all those who have German as their mother tongue, I really feel the difference in the amount of work I have to do. You have to struggle with every text or composition until daybreak. Any presentation of a paper makes you sweat and you still cannot participate in discussions and have to keep silent as if you had nothing to say.

Our life is too short and we have to appreciate every moment of it. We should invest our time and efforts into that. So do not repeat my mistake - do it better! Learn German in advance and enjoy the country as much as you can!

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