Job versus Passion - Carve Out Your Career

Posted by Rachayta Gupta • Monday, August 1. 2011 • Category: Global Career

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Wait a second I am not asking you to quit making money if the thing you are passionate about doesn’t fetch enough of it for you. I am just saying try once working in a job you really like, and try and work out every possible way to explore more of it, so that you may also learn about all angles from where that job can make money for you. Generally people try their hands at making more money in their twenties by doing the jobs that can get them higher salaries, thereby compromising what they actually like, and decide to take up their interests in their thirties, when they think they can actually enjoy their life, feeling less dependent on earning a lot of money.

(c) by Shahnawaz Sid

However, at that stage for most people the family question arises. In their thirties people mostly raise a family and then again they are stuck with the same job or at least the same kind of job making more money for the sake of their family. That is why in my opinion one should start working early towards a career rather than pursuing a mere job. This also gives more opportunities to prepare yourself for a better career, one which you always aspired for. And then in turn this gives you a sense of satisfaction which can help to achieve happiness along with money all through life. And believe me when I am saying this, any career that gives you satisfaction is worth giving a try, rather than just taking something up due to the pressure other people are giving you. A job can just give you money, but a career can give you happiness and joy along with your money.

(c) by Ed Yourdon

But all the above doesn’t mean that you should just try out anything ridiculous; go with something that is sensible. Here again, the definition of sensible will be different for different people and can be a controversial. Maybe try something which you are good at and people give you positive feedback on – of course not forgetting that it perfectly suits your individual interest. To be more precise: search for your inner happiness rather than money on your bank account. In that pursuit of happiness, make experiments, try charting out new unexplored territories or “passion projects” to explore all opportunities. These little projects will shape your character and bring you closer to realising your dreams – one step closer to making happiness a reality.

So the bottom line remains that in the battle of “job vs. passion” one should choose passion so that in the course of time we don’t have to regret the many things we never tried and also so that we don’t ever have to say to ourselves: “If only I was…”.

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