Komm und Lerne Deutsch - German Language Gets You Ahead

Posted by Flora Saint-Sans • Tuesday, November 2. 2010 • Category: Global Career
Ever thought about picking up a new language but not too sure about which language to learn? German could be the right choice for you, whatever your background or your plans in life. There are numerous arguments that speak for learning German language, especially if you already know how to use English. What makes it difficult for many language learners to successfully learn a new language is the initial effort needed to build up a solid basis of vocabulary and grammatical understanding. English and German both being Indo-Germanic languages and having lots of interaction throughout history, you will be surprised at the many similarities you will be able to detect between the languages.

German Cathedral in Winter
by Vvillamon

Can you figure out what “Hand”, “Mann” and “Haus” mean? “Hand”, “man” and “house” are just three examples of words that demonstrate the striking similarity between the German and the English language. “I didn’t know that English and German were that similar. It came to me as a big surprise”, discovers Pooja after her first few German lessons.

You being a professional or a student, German will open many new doors for your future. There are more than 100 million German native speakers worldwide and around one third of the inhabitants of the European Union call German their mother tongue. Germany itself is renowned for its culture, technology and education, and its capital Berlin has over the last years developed to one of the main tourist destinations and cultural hotspots of Europe.

Germany’s economy has established itself as one of the strongest in the world due to its high exports and advanced technology. Many German multinationals have their dependences all around the world and offer their employees international careers in a wide range of fields. Let it be working for a German organisation or doing business with Germany, knowledge of German will always be an asset for your career and business development.

German science and technology can look back on a long history: the printing press by Gutenberg, the relativity theory by Einstein or Brandenburg’s creation of the MP3 digital music format are only some of the innovations that are branded “Made in Germany”. Scientists from all around the world come to Germany to pursue their research and make use of the cutting-edge research facilities Germany offers. “The research conditions here at Max Planck Institut are fantastic. Working with an international team is a new experience for me and I enjoy it fully”, says Vinod Kapoor in Tübingen. Moreover, German is the second-most common used language in scientific publications and on the Internet. Germany itself is the world's third biggest producer of books and more than one-tenth of all books published in the world are written in German.

Attending a Lecture on Computer Science in Germany
by Unhindered by Talent

Many German universities rank among the best in the world and equip their students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Studying in Germany proves as an affordable solution for many students, as application and tuition fees are very reasonable as compared to the US or Britain, for instance. “I don’t understand why not more foreign students come to Germany. Study fees are low and more and more English speaking programs are introduced”, says Ankur, who is studying engineering in Aachen. Knowledge of German will make students’ applications for scholarships and positions stand out, and will enable them to immerse themselves in German culture.

So, as you can easily see, learning German proves to be a valuable investment of your time, whether you are pursuing your studies, laying a stepping stone for your career, or are just interested in exploring a new fascinating culture. “Komm und lerne Deutsch!” Come and learn German - and open up a new world of opportunities!


In case you are interested in learning German, Knowledge Must’s division Language Must (www.language-must.com) offers a wide range of German language classes in Germany’s Berlin as well as in India’s New Delhi.

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