Learning German in Delhi: The Experience of a Senior Expert in Renewable Energies

Posted by Heiko Pfeiffer • Thursday, January 24. 2013 • Category: Global Career
Anil Misra is a senior expert in the field of renewable energies, having worked both in India and abroad for the last 27 years. As a student he spent one year at the University of Siegen, Germany, where he later also taught. He currently works with GIZ as Senior Programme Advisor. As part of a Germany-based multinational organisation, German is part of his daily work. He has previously joined one of the German courses offered by his employer in collaboration with Language Must.

Anil Misra (second from left) having dinner in an Italian restaurant with family of an Indian friend during one of his Germany trips. (c) Anil Misra

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A Journey in Search of Deep True Scottish Love

Posted by Miya Yang • Friday, January 11. 2013 • Category: In Depth
Part 1. Never Travel on Boxing Day.

Back in the year 2008, I was a second year student in University of Nottingham in England. Knowing that I would ‘enjoy’ the Chinese Spring festival in between exams, I decided to make the most of my Christmas holiday by traveling to the northern part of Great Britain. So the plan was to invite some friends to clean up my fridge on Christmas day and go for a 10 days journey in Scotland with two Chinese classmates. However, I was told on Christmas dinner that the two classmates who had already booked the trip (350 quid) didn’t bother going any more, since they felt like falling ill after a visit to London and thought Scotland would be cold as hell. My expectation of the journey went a ‘30% off’, yet I insisted on going alone.

On the Road from Nottingham to Edinburgh
(c) by Miya Yang

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