Backpack Your Life

Posted by Teresa Kasel • Thursday, March 24. 2011 • Category: People and Places
Backpacking is a way of travelling that attracts increasing attention amongst young people. Travelling itself has always been popular. But backpacking is different. The major purpose of backpacking is by far not the intention of simply going to another place. It is so much more than that. It is about the idea itself: The idea of travelling. Being on the go. Exploring the world. The destination plays only a minor part in the game. It’s all about that feeling you have when fitting your life in a backpack, leaving behind everything you’ve known, everything you’ve loved and valued so far – to find out what else is out there – what kind of world, life, opportunity, culture and people.

(c) Teresa Kasel

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The Dutch Monarchy and the Day the Netherlands Turn Orange

Posted by Anne Rhebergen • Tuesday, March 8. 2011 • Category: People and Places
Interaction with people from different cultures is next to the obvious change in landscapes the most striking thing while going abroad. You talk about cultural issues that are different like eating habits or local traditions. So of course it was also one of the things I talked about a lot while being abroad and it was at this time that I discovered how odd foreign people find Queen’s Day, which is maybe the biggest Dutch-specific public holiday. People find this odd because how are people partying everywhere and dressed up like crazy in orange be related to the Queen of the Netherlands?

By Tosca Weiler

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A Food Map of India for Gluten-Free and Other Special Diets

Posted by Heiko Pfeiffer • Tuesday, March 8. 2011 • Category: In Depth
If you are on a special such-and-such-free diet like me, you know the kind of questions going through your mind before leaving for your next foreign destination. What will I be able to eat? How will I find the dishes that I can eat? How will I explain to people in a polite way that I can’t eat their national dish due to some never-heard-of-before condition? Of course, one answer is to stock up on all kinds of dried foods, muesli bars, packed cookies and nutritional drinks that will, under extreme circumstances, help you survive for a minimum of two weeks. But this is not what my vision of traveling and cultural discovery looks like. I’m not an astronaut. Nor I am travelling to lands that are as plain and arid as the moon. Taking precautions is good. But retreat is not the answer. So every new land is like a barely mapped territory to me, and I’m like the explorer.

Buying Vegetables in India
by Peter Rivera

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