Learning German in Delhi: The Experience of a Senior Expert in Renewable Energies

Posted by Heiko Pfeiffer • Thursday, January 24. 2013 • Category: Global Career
Anil Misra is a senior expert in the field of renewable energies, having worked both in India and abroad for the last 27 years. As a student he spent one year at the University of Siegen, Germany, where he later also taught. He currently works with GIZ as Senior Programme Advisor. As part of a Germany-based multinational organisation, German is part of his daily work. He has previously joined one of the German courses offered by his employer in collaboration with Language Must.

Anil Misra (second from left) having dinner in an Italian restaurant with family of an Indian friend during one of his Germany trips. (c) Anil Misra

Can you tell us something about yourself: What is your professional background, since when have you been working for GIZ and what do you do there?

I am a professional working in the renewable energy sector in India for the last 27 years and in GIZ since 2006. I have worked in many institutions such as TERI, IIT Delhi, University of Siegen, Germany, Univ. of Florida, USA, and UNDP India.

What was your motivation to pick up the language in the first place, what made you pick up a course after many years?

I always maintained contacts with professionals and friends in Germany since my first visit in 1988, and have been visiting Germany regularly. My motivation to learn German comes from the slight pressure that I have German contacts as well as working in a German agency (GIZ).

German class at GIZ in 2012 (c) Language Must

Are you using your language skills outside the classroom? How do people react?

Yes, I do use my meagre German language skills in office or during travel to Germany, and I always got encouragement to speak more German.

What do you like about German and what do you find peculiar about it?

It is spoken as written and is a fully-structured language.

Group picture: Anil Misra with his colleagues and German teacher Heiko Pfeiffer in October 2012. (c) Language Must

How do your colleagues/friends react when you they see you speak German?

A few are amazed and a few others are jealous. Germans are mostly amused.

Do you recommend learning German to people you meet?

Yes, I always recommend learning German to colleagues as it helps with our daily work at GIZ.

Have you ever thought about working in a German company and be able to travel to Germany as part of your work like Anil? Plan ahead and join our next German Group course, or enrol in a One-to-One course. For corporate clients, we offer group classes at their offices. For questions or queries, please contact Language Must: +91-(0) 11 2649 1817 or visit us on our website: www.language-must.com

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